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Preparing for labor: simple breathing is best

the bump at approx. 22 weeks
Belly breathing is best! massdistraction / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

There’s a lot of advice out there about breathing techniques, but remember that simple, slow, smooth easy breaths are best for calming the nervous system, bringing oxygen to you and your baby, relieving stress, and reducing fear, anxiety and pain (those three travel together like a wild west bad guy posse).

If you commit to regularly practicing slow calming breaths, with no gimmicks, just in and out but a little deeper and a little slower than usual, you’ll be ahead of the gang. Bonus points, you count the length of the inhale and exhale so that they are the same length, but only if you’re into that.

Practice this breathing especially when you experience stress. For example, you hear a loud noise and your heart rate goes up, this is your cue to practice slowing down your breath. Each time something bugs you, practice your breathing. Find that you can find an internal place of calm, ease and reassurance.

Secret info: when you are in labor, your doula, midwife, or nurse can teach you specific breathing techniques on the fly, and they are actually more effective that way!

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Why I teach yoga

My daughter loves merry-go-round
Fun & Adventure awaitsVinothChandar / People Photos / CC BY

The reasons I teach yoga are both personal and professional. My business and life are closely intertwined. I work mostly from home as I raise the nicest kids I possibly can. The goals of my business are simple yet meant to make a big impact:
Inspire.  Through excellent examples, interviews, ideas and observations, I help clients create that spark that gets them going.
Empower.  Provide resources, how-tos, demonstrations, reports, guides and videos to break down difficult processes so they can be done with ease.
Promote wellness.  Celebrating life in fun, healthy, beautiful ways.
Educate.  I love sharing knowledge with people.  I enable my clients to make informed decisions with less stress and learn to live in alignment with their goals.
Increase flexibility.  I am a nomad at heart.  My business serves those who want to learn according to their own schedules and needs.

Each day I strive to be better at and doing more of what I love, and helping other do the same.

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